Our people

What we look for in PortSwigger people

what we look for in PortSwigger people

For every opportunity, we look for strong expertise or aptitude in the role. We will seek firm evidence either that you can already perform the role to an exceptional level, or that you have strong potential to learn and grow into it.

We hire people that we like to spend time with. PortSwigger people are nice to each other. They are altruistic and always keen to help others. They are humble, more conscious of their own limitations than their exceptional abilities. We'll take an "anxious over-achiever" over a "brilliant arsehole" any day of the week.

We look for strong communication and emotional intelligence. Our work is extremely collaborative. Our people are clear and effective communicators, in both speech and writing. They can adapt their style to other personality types. They are aware of their own emotions and are able to control them, always engaging constructively and with respect.

For every role, we seek aptitude for growth. Our people are adaptable, able to continuously learn new skills and master new techniques. We look for leadership potential and encourage everyone to play a leadership role in areas where they are able to.

We hire people who have energy and can-do. Our people work hard, take pride in their work, take on difficult challenges, and see them through to completion. We look for people with infectious energy, who lift everyone in the room and drive them on to bigger things.