Reduce the cost of security testing by moving it into your development pipeline_

Seamless security for application development

Secure development is the missing piece in the DevOps puzzle. While the Agile model has transformed how we deploy code, security has lagged behind. Burp Suite Enterprise Edition changes that - by placing scalable, automated security testing right in your CI/CD pipeline.

Welcome to DevSecOps

The best development teams have a tendency to deploy code frequently. This presents security teams with a problem - because they then have to hunt down and fix the inevitable bugs before things can go live. Wouldn't it be great if you could perform security testing earlier in the development lifecycle?

Enter, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition. Through DevSecOps automation, our software ensures that all committed code is tested for security flaws. If a weakness is found, Burp will break the build. This negates the need for last-minute security tests - saving you time and money - while helping to keep you on the right side of industry regulations.

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Fast feedback on bugs

Fast feedback means you'll develop more than just secure software

Of course, most software developers aren't security experts. Showing someone the vulnerabilities in their code is great, but also kind of pointless if they don't know how to fix them. That's why every security vulnerability found by Burp Suite Enterprise Edition comes complete with straightforward, up-to-date remediation advice.

This feedback comes straight from PortSwigger's world-leading research team. And because our process teaches developers to defend against attacks, it becomes an educational experience. Your team will soon become pretty adept at writing secure code.

Full integration with your existing environment

Integration is a core part of the secure development philosophy. Here security shifts "left" - happening as early as possible in the development lifecycle. Developers know how to fix bugs here; it's what they do best. And Burp Suite Enterprise Edition blends seamlessly with their workflow - so security issues get fixed like any other bug.

Our process will slot right into any CI/CD pipeline. Plugins are available for Jenkins and TeamCity, while a universal driver allows any CI/CD platform to integrate with our REST API. Meanwhile, Jira integration makes remediation management a piece of cake. Thanks to this, Burp Suite Enterprise Edition will never become a bottleneck to your workflow.

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Customizable cybersecurity capabilities

Customizable capabilities

With secure development, flexibility is key. So we built Burp Suite Enterprise Edition with customization in mind. Not interested in low severity bugs? Want to minimize false positives and only look at issues with a high confidence rating? Simply set your preferences and Burp Suite will do the rest.

Burp Suite Enterprise Edition can detect a range of critical vulnerabilities, including cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection (SQLi). But it doesn't stop there. Our innovative OAST scanning techniques, for instance, will find many vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

You're in good company

Groups exist online who mean to harm your organization and users. PortSwigger exists to stop them. Over the years we've repeatedly been first to market with new functions. These are often based on entirely new vulnerabilities discovered by our research team.

In the past, that expertise has only been available to professional penetration testers. Burp Suite Enterprise Edition changes that.

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